Planning professional Mid- Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival represents the culture of Vietnamese people. Mid- Autumn Festival is the happiest day for children. To children, happiness is simply to meet legendary characters such as Mr Cuoi, Ms Hang and watch lions dance parade. Not only that , the most happiest thing is receiving gifts, candies and toys to show off with their friends, relatives and teachers or simply carrying carp-shape lanterns parade through the street. Planning Mid- Autumn Festivals is one special service Danang Events provide to celebrate the most memorable day for our children. 

Mid - Autumn Festival - special occasion for children


mid autumn festival

Understanding the meaning and importance of the Mid-Autumn Festival, many businesses consider Mid-Autumn celebration is an annual event which is organized meticulously. That is the reason why Mid-Autumn organizers come out.

It is not easy to organize a successful Mid- Autumn Festival, because a festival requires a cheerful atmosphere, bright colors, fun games no shortage of candy. Colorful fruits are decorated extremely sophisticated and unique. Danang Events is one of the leading companies specialized in organizing conferences, events in Da Nang which will help you solve those difficulties. We will bring to you and your family a new and exciting Mid-Autumn Festival that will inspire and motivate children before the new school year.

Danang Events specialize in providing Mid-Autumn Organizing Service or individual services such as Lion Dance, Dragon, Drum Festival for Mid-Autumn Festival.

  • Provide MC, Ms Hang, Mr Cuoi
  • Equipment for decorating the Mid-Autumn Festival: stage, sound of light, carpet, games ...
  • Staff for the Mid-Autumn Festival: dance group, dance group, circus performance, magic ...
  • With a professional, enthusiastic and dedicated event crew, we always bring the most satisfaction to customers. The Mid-Autumn Festival that we make will bring back childhood memories of children.

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