Where to rent online meeting equipment in Vietnam?

Organizing an online meeting is becoming a new trend in the pandemic time and the era of technology growth as today. However, where to rent quality online meeting equipment for a successful meeting in Vietnam? Let's explore the answers with DanangEvents through the following article!

online meeting equipment

Overview of online meeting/video conference

An online meeting is understandably a meeting of a few people not in the same place. Through electronic communications, meeting participants can be in different parts of the country or even within the city. The conference can be a one-way session that many different people just attend to one, or maybe an interactive session where people can interact with each other. 

An online meeting can be operated via software, web conferencing, smartphones with the support of the Internet/PSTN environment. The purpose of an online meeting is to reduce the organizing cost and time compared to traditional meetings face-to-face and connect distant people. In addition, the online meeting solution is also applied in distance training at centers and schools. Or it can also be applied for consultation and diagnosis in hospital; guidance of the government…

online meeting equipment

Benefits of renting online meeting equipment at DanangEvents

Some of the most basic benefits, when you use DanangEvents’ online meeting equipment rental service, is:

  • Only have to pay for the actual usage fee in each day of rental

  • No more worrying about the big initial investment

  • No costs for system maintenance and equipment upgrades

  • A team of technicians with more than 10 years of experience implementing online meeting solutions will advise you on the most perfect overall solutions in both efficiency and cost.

  • And especially, DanangEvents receives 24/7 support in operating this highly integrated system professionally- wholeheartedly.

online meeting equipment

DanangEvents provides online conferencing equipment rental service in Da Nang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and neighboring provinces with sharp display images, realistic sound, seminars, education and training, and multi-point online meetings. Online conference equipment rental service provided by DanangEvents with prestigious brands at affordable prices, simple procedures, always available, fast delivery, and installation, with on-site technical staff use process. DanangEvents is committed to providing video conference and online meeting equipment rental services with sharp display images, realistic sound, and stable operation.

Contact DanangEvents immediately via hotline: 0913.311.911 / 0913.186.829 / for further advice or booking online meeting equipment rental service.

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