What makes a virtual event successful?

The online event is becoming a new trend in the COVID-19 pandemic time. Many event organizers are finding the most effective ways to make their virtual events successful. But what makes a successful virtual event? Let's find out with DanangEvents through the following article!

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The idea- the first vital factor

There are many ideas that can turn your activities into great virtual events. To have a good idea, you should categorize the audience and choose the right type of business. Check out a few ideas below:

  • Organizing online customer seminars and conferences

  • Online gameshow 

  • Experts, famous people interview

  • Organizing online events, workshops, seminars

  • Organizing online courses for customers

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Type of virtual event- the no less important second factor

You can completely organize seminars, conferences, or classes online as long as it brings a quality experience to the attendees. Consider a live stream concert or art performance, for example. This will make for an enjoyable experience by expanding the number of attendees beyond the limit of an auditorium.

Many opera and symphony theaters have held their performances online for the first time without an audience in the auditorium. The Berliner Philharmonie theater also performed online, serving the audience through the screen.

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Technology platform - the indispensable third factor 

Based on the venue, scale, and audience of the event, you will decide on the live broadcast platform. If you want to stream the event at a location that has been set up in advance to an open, large audience, a streaming method like Facebook Live or YouTube Live will be the right choice.

For limited or paid events, you can use the direct form on the website. This method requires the use of third party technology to connect to the guests. This tool allows you to implement functions specific to online events such as chat and questioning, prioritize speech, or track audience engagement.

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In addition, if you want to organize events with ticket sales, you need to connect with online ticketing platforms to promote business efficiency. Integrated online ticketing platforms also help with media coverage of your events, in addition to traditional promotional channels.


To save even more time and organize a secure virtual conference, you should also consider finding equipment rental for your video conference. If you are still wondering about choosing an event equipment rentals provider, do not hesitate to contact DanangEvents via hotline: 0913.311.911 / 0913.186.829 / for more detailed advice. 

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