Virtual Conference - Best Conference Solution in COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 epidemic is becoming more and more complex globally. Many important conferences, conventions, or summits have been delayed because of quarantine. Therefore, online solutions are the best alternative to traditional, geographically limited meetings at this difficult time. Today, DanangEvents will introduce you Virtual conference - the best conference solution in the COVID-19 outbreak. 

virtual conference

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is basically a meeting of a few people who are not in the same venue. Thanks to technology, meeting participants can now be in different parts of the country or even nations to catch-up with each other. The number of attendees can be dozens or even hundreds of people. Virtual conferences are held via internet communication technology (Internet Protocol) or ATM, ISDN. To reduce not only the cost and time of organizing compared to traditional face-to-face meetings but also the risks of virus outbreaks, a video conference is now the most effective way.

What is a virtual conference?

When do you need to hold a virtual conference?

You are holding a super large-scaled conference with a limited budget

If you are willing to organize a conference with a large number of participants, you must find a large venue, and it absolutely will cost you a  big amount of money. The alternative solution is to use the budget to upgrade the virtual conference equipment or software to make thousands of people joining your event. 

You are geographically restricted

If you need to organize an event where participants are halfway around the globe, a real meeting is not really ideal. Furthermore, social distancing is the safest way to reduce the spreading of viruses. Thus, instead of traveling, you can both save time, money, and obey the quarantine by staying home to join a video conference.

When do you need to hold a virtual conference?

You need an instant conference 

Organizing a conference takes a lot of time, from the preparation, budgeting, and construction. With a virtual conference, you just need to send to your guests a notification about the time of the meeting and prepare the equipment and ready for your conference.

Benefits of a virtual conference

  • Connecting people from any location, time, eliminating geographical distance.

  • The quick meeting shortens the time and restricts incidents during the move.

  • Maximum cost and time savings for each meeting.

  • Expert exchange, distance training

  • Application in many fields: business, healthcare, education, defense …

Benefits of a virtual conference

How to organize a virtual conference?

Decide time and date

The first and most important thing you need to do is decide the date and time for the conference. Send it to the participants, and also give them the guideline about what they will have to do when joining the video conference. Don't forget to send them a reminder the day before the meeting.

Decide which equipment you will use

Using suitable equipment is important if you want to run a successful conference. There are many ways of organizing a virtual conference. If you plan to hold a simple phone conference. Then you just need a phone with a speaker. For a video conference, you will need a TV screen with a microphone and a video camera attached. And for webinars, you need a good internet connection, a computer screen, and video conferencing software. If you are still confused with choosing equipment for your video conference, DanangEvents- the best Vietnamese conference, event, and tourism company- will give you advice, don’s heritage to contact us now. 

How to organize a virtual conference?

Program planning

You should forward a meeting agenda for everyone who attends one day before the conference. You must explicitly mention in the agenda the role of different participants. This will help everyone prepare for the conference properly. This will also help make the meeting run as scheduled. 

Do not let the conference get distracted

It's easy for attendees to distract or even leave the online conference without turning off the devices because it is just online interaction. Therefore, the head of the conference must ensure the agenda is followed.

After the virtual conference

Even when the conference is over, you have an important task to do is to send meeting notes or a conference summary to the participants. This will help them remember anything that happened during the meeting and thus they will remember the task they had to perform as discussed in the conference.

How to organize a virtual conference?

The bottom line

That’s all about the virtual conference which you should consider when willing to organize a meeting in this hard time. If you do not know where to start, contact DanangEvents to have the best advice. 


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