Two-way radio rentals in Vietnam with DanangEvents

During large-scale conferences, seminars, events, two-way radio (also known as a walkie talkie) will work effectively and be considered as the indispensable equipment of the organizers. Currently, DanangEvents is providing high-quality two-way radio rental services in Vietnam. Let's find out through the following article!

Two-way radio rentals

Outstanding features of two-way radios

The main feature of the radios is to take calls with a distance of 2-10 km, depending on the type of radio. With its compact design, the radio will be a suitable device in events, tourism, fairs… The number of channels up to 16 channels helps radios to communicate with each other without fear of frequency overlap with other radios. This allows groups to be divided into separate groups to use for different purposes.

The application of two-way radios in life

Two-way radios rentals for events organizing

When organizing events, conferences, exhibitions… communication equipment like two-way radios is indispensable. However, if your organization does not organize events regularly, these devices will not be used regularly. Thus, to save money, instead of buying a new one, you should find rental suppliers. That will be faster and cheaper.

Two-way radio rentals

Radio system used in construction sites

With the simple communication of the two-way radio which is very suitable for use in construction, measurement, transportation... the message will be transferred quickly to help the coordination of the team members. When standing on the high floor, the voice can not be heard clearly due to the distance, so the radio helps a lot when you need to communicate with each other. Therefore, renting two-way radios for construction sites to operate more flexibly.

Walkie-talkie for restaurants and hotels

Restaurants, hotels today need to operate and manage staff in different divisions, managers have to use radios to communicate quickly. Moreover, in big hotels, when there is a party, it will be very crowded, so moving will take a lot of time, so the solution to use the radio to manage is extremely convenient.

Radio used in security

In today's apartment buildings, you will not be difficult to see a security guard equipped with a radio, the security guard is equipped with radios to serve the work of building security, warning problem to the population, and connect to each other in case of need. 

Two-way radio rentals

Two-way radios rentals with DanangEvents

High-quality sound

With sound analysis and optimization technology and advanced noise-filtering technology, the latest two-way radio models will give you clear communication even in noisy environments. This helps users to feel comfortable, focus on the assigned work as much as possible.

Long-range of use

The range is up to 10 kilometers when in the plain and 4-5 kilometers when in the city. This is extremely important in multi-person travel to communicate with each other, keep a safe distance.

Large battery capacity

With 2000 mAh capacity, ensure continuous operation for 1 day and 5 days if not in use. When using the radio rental service at DanangEvents, you are also equipped with a charger, so you don't have to worry when your radio runs out of battery, because it only takes about 2 hours to charge the radio. It's full of tension. You can rent extra batteries for the radio if you want to use it continuously.

Good design

The design and shape of the radio are also very important. With a slim design like a phone, but still ensuring the durability of the product, the ability to withstand impact and operate in harsh environments. Our radios are highly appreciated by customers for their design, holding, not too loud, solid, lightweight, good sound so customers love to use it. DanangEvents always choose the best products for you.

Two-way radio rentals

The bottom line 

If you are still wondering about choosing a radio rental company as well as renting event equipment, do not hesitate to contact DanangEvents via hotline: +84.913.311.911 / +84.913.186.829 / + for more details. 

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