Trade Show Booth Rentals- Important Notes

When you need a custom-designed trade show booth, buying or building your own isn’t the only option—and it’s not always a suitable choice. Sometimes it seems to be better to consider a trade show booth rentals. Today, DanangEvent will show you some important notes for trade show booth rentals. 

Trade show booth rentals

Advantages of trade show booth rentals


Rental trade show booths offer you the opportunity to draw in potential clients and promote your brand as well. You can achieve these without spending a fortune. Delivering your message to your target audience is much cheaper with a rental trade show booth than purchasing one. Rental allows you to have a successful exhibit that has all the things that you want within your budget.


A trade show rental booth will give you flexibility. They allow you or your marketers to adjust, remove, or add elements to the booth so they can meet the demand of your company. You can freely edit without the mandate of the booth providers. Renting booths also allow marketers to try new concepts in branding. Trade show booths rentals also allow easier expansion of exhibit components basing on the scale of the exhibition.

Advantages of trade show booth rentals

Wide range of options

You will find it easier to benefit from the renting exhibit without owning it. An experienced supplier will provide you with a variety of choices for your exhibition booths in many types, custom designs. It also makes it possible for you to rent more than one exhibitor change configurations and styles for different trade shows or events. 

Saving time

When renting services, you will not need time to design, prepare materials, personnel, and construct. There are ready on-site communication and fast delivery. You can also save money because you do not have to pay for shipping the exhibit yourself.

Options for trade show rentals


MultiQuad seems to be a popular choice for a number of reasons. It will provide you with a high level of flexibility – its modular aluminum frame can be configured into different designs on a moment’s notice. This construction allows you to add more Quads if you want more display space, or you simply want to more easily change the view of your booth display. Numerous accessories will assemble your exhibit display, which will allow you to further compliment your booth design. 

Options for trade show rentals

Portable Displays

Portable booths are fashioned from an assortment of parts that assemble by many configurations. This allows you to have a booth that will meet your needs whenever and wherever you need, even if you want to change. 


If you have a small space or you have to set up your trade show booths in places that are not on the show floor, a kiosk will be the best option for you. You can easily rent a Kiosk from DanangEvent. 


You need racks to hold handouts or literature? Maybe you want a banner standee to gain the attention of the audiences. All of these items and more for your booth decoration are available for rent.

Options for trade show rentals

Trade show booth rentals in DanangEvents 

Huge inventory

DanangEvents offer the thousands of trade show rental inventories that can be custom-designed to your requirement. 

Offer full services

DanangEvents provides a complete rental solution; that means shipping, installation and dismantle, trade show marketing, graphic production, and local transport. You can rest assured to choose our services.

Rigorous inspection

All rental exhibit booths will be completed thorough examination prior to shipment to be sure it’s perfect when arriving at your exhibition.

Fast shipping 

We can ship your custom exhibit to arrive the next day to all major Danang, Hanoi, Hochiminh city as well as all over Vietnam and other countries in the region.

Trade show booth rentals in DanangEvents 

Massive storage capacity 

DanangEvents has warehouses in both Hanoi, Danang, Hochiminh City to serve the demand of customers in all over the country. Not only trade show booth accessories but also all the common event equipment.

24/7 Service 

DanangEvent service team is always active at any time of the day or night. If you need help, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

In conclusion

When you need a trade show booth rentals with the best service quality, DanangEvent will be the company to call. Your trade show booth rentals can be completely custom-designed to create your own unique booth for your exhibition. Contact us to learn more or receive advice from our team today!


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