Basic Principles when Setting up LED Wall Ground Support System

With the development of the 4.0 technology era, LED screen technology has developed and exploded recently. Setting a LED wall not only needs to consider to the LED screen but also needs to pay attention to the ground system. Many people think that an LED wall screen with a truss frame can be erected anywhere, but is it really the case? Let's read the following article to understand the basic principles when setting up an LED wall ground support system.


3 steps to set up LED wall for the event


In order to install LED screens for indoor events or anywhere, it is also necessary to prepare equipment and supplies to be installed. For LED displays, it includes a main screen, bracket, cabin, power cord, image processor, transmitter card, etc. For indoor event use, you should prepare the bracket with black aluminum alloy or stainless steel aluminum alloy.

Assemble the LED screen

LED displays have module panels and you need to attach magnets to them, with four corners to attach each screw. Then process the display signal cable set so that the cable runs in the arrow direction on the module panel. Next, proceed to the power supply for the module.


Recheck the overall LED screen and installation system

Complete assembly, you will need to have a general inspection step to see whether there is a problem before turning on the power and installing the monitor via the controlling system. To consider whether the device is stable or not, you should run it for a few hours. 

Why should not set up LED wall ground support system close to the wall?

2 meters is the minimum distance from the back of the LED screen to the wall when setting up the LED wall ground support system in an indoor space that uses regular space truss (different from Layer Truss). This allows the frame and legs of the monitor to stand stably. 


However, if you want to have space for backstage, actors, MC, or board staff to move comfortably, leave a distance of 3m. From there, it is possible to evaluate and divide the space for each setup.

Supposing you have to set up a 100m long space, the distance backstage (from behind the LED screen to the wall) is 3m; 4m deep stage; 0.6m stairs; The stage distance (from the stairs to the first table/row of chairs) is 2.5m and the audience area is nearly 90m. If the stage is deeper then the calculating numbers will be different.


It is quite difficult to master all the installation principles. To have the best LED wall ground support system preparation, you can ask for advice from the professional LED service suppliers. Danang Event, 10 years-experience Event Equipment provider, where you can take LED solution advice. 

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