Supplying Craffsman Making Toy Figurine

Toy figurine is an art that contains both entertainment and education elements for children. It helps children improving their creativity and sense of beauty through the products which are made by themselves.

Danang Events provides toy figurine artisans who preserves and develops traditional identities of nation, furthermore conveying the essence of Vietnamese culture for all people.

Artisans of Danang Events can mold various products to meet the needs of customers: molding artistic portrayals,12 zodiacs, characters in fairy tales, in cartoons.

While performing art, artisans simultaneously teach the children how to mold a toy and then give them one after finish.

We provide service of hiring artisans for different activities, cultural events, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, banquets, birthday parties, moon festival, international children, halloween ...

craftsman making toy figurine

  Why you should choose hiring toy figurine artisans service from Danang Events?

craffsman making toy figurine

  • Professional artisans
  • Safety dry powder to mold, not including chemicals
  • Give beautiful and cute gifts for children who participate in the game
  • Receive promotions when using additional organizing event services from Danang Events

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