Supplying chinese lion dance group for events

According to the folk concept: Unicorn - Lion – Dragon are myth animals that symbolize for prosperity, happiness, power... This type of folk dance is often preferred to perform in celebrations such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, Lunar New Year Festival ... and in the grand opening ceremony, inauguration, groundbreaking ... of organizations and enterprises.

In the field of event organization, Danang Events is one of the pioneers providing professional Chinese Lion dance groups with outstanding advantages:

The artisans are from the famous dance group, experience and profession.

Supply Chinese Lion Dance for Events

Variety of art performances and full of meaning:

  • Tu Quy Hung Long: The performance includes four dancing unicorns which are white, yellow, red, black (or green) heads, representing four seasons, four directions, four phenomenal climates on earth, expressing for power, health, long life and happiness.
  • Tam Anh: Three unicorns dancing together. They describe Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei as brave and visionary heroes, they all serve a common purpose together till death.
  • Tam Tinh: Three unicorns dancing with three colors yellow, red, black that expresses the pray of people to achieve good things which are Happiness, Wealth, Health.
  • Song hi: Two unicorns perform together, expressing joy and pleasure, the compatibility of Fenghuang, husband and wife, sky and earth, yin and yang.
  • Doc chiem ngao dau: Only one unicorn dances in the performance. The unicorn itself wants to show-off its movement, sometime it dances rhythmically, sometime it dances bravely combining with skillful technique like jumping, climbing. The dance symbolizes for the majesty and courage of a mighty general, a hero.
  • The most competitive price on market.

Leasing Chinese Lion Dance group service of Danang Events certainly brings to your event exciting atmosphere, leaving a deep impression in the mind of audience.

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