Supply Reception Team

Danang Events provides reception team for all events: customer conference, ribbon cutting ceremony, inauguration ceremony, opening ceremony, contract signing ceremony, conference...

At each event, the reception team plays the following important roles


Supply Reception Team

  • A friendly team on behalf of the company to welcome customers.
  • Give a good impression to customers about the company
  • Expresses the professionalism and kindness of the company to customers
  • With many years of experience in the field of event management, Danang Events is confident of being the leading supplier of prestigious and professional reception services. By using our service, your event will have:
  • Young, beautiful reception team, standard appearance (height from 1m65 and above)
  • Well-trained receptionists with professional style in each gesture, style of communication.
  • Our receptionists are both experienced and respected in their work
  • We can meet all your requirements such as number, gender (male/female), uniform

In addition, customers will have a free consultation on reception service for the purpose of the event.

Danang Events also offers a variety of HR services for events including


Supply Reception Team

  • MC
  • PG, PB
  • Music bands, singers, dance groups.

If you are in need of event management and want your event to be successful, unique and have highlights, please contact Danang Events. We provide a variety of event staffing services and can ensure the success of your event!

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