State Conference Management

With more than 10 years experience in the field of the event – conference management, Danang Events is honored to be the organizer of many specialized conferences for all sectors of Government. 

To ensure the success of each State conference, Danang Events always determines our vision and mission to ensure the best for each conference. Meanwhile, the two most important factors are staffs and equipment for management.

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Firstly, human resources

Danang Events team is all well trained, creative and dedicated. Because of that, we can ensure customers a complete plan, meeting the target and theme of the conference.

Second, equipment

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To satisfy the best all requirements of customers in terms of quantity and type... DanangEvents has invested heavily in professional and modern AV equipment, projectors, laptops, microphones...

In addition, Danang Events is committed to providing modern, reasonable conference venues that are suitable for State conferences and can be combined to rest. We are the trusted partner of many prestigious restaurants and hotels across the country.

Not only that, the cost of State conference planning of DanangEvents is also very reasonable! For more information, please contact our Hotline for the best support!

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