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Time is slowly passing towards the end of the year, ending a year full of difficulties and fluctuations. This is the best time for businesses to organize events such as customer appreciation parties, Christmas parties, opening ceremonies, company year-end parties... to create opportunities for meeting partners, giving gratitude to customers to increase sales, strengthen the brand…

Special offers for organizing event services at Danang Events

To welcome the year-end events and festival season, Danang Events offers customers very special offers for event organizing services:

  • Instant 20-30% discount on sound equipment packages

  • Gift voucher up to 25 million VND

  • Along with many other gifts

Applicable services

Danang Events' special offers apply until the end of December 31, 2021, for all year-end event services including:

  • Year-end party, Countdown

  • Product launch

  • Opening ceremony

  • Inauguration

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony

  • Customer Conference

  • Celebration

  • Christmas party

  • Hybrid meeting

  • Virtual Event

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Hybrid meeting 

Why should you need a professional event organizer?

Organizing events at the end of the year is a trend that most businesses aim to promote their brands, services, and products. However, the successful organization of an event requires many stages, personnel, and equipment that not all businesses can do. Therefore, the optimal solution for businesses is to hire companies specializing in event organization to do all the stages.

Rich experience and high expertise

The process of making an event, big or small, always has a lot of preparation and needs to be done well. Event companies have enough expertise, experience, and qualified staff to be able to handle all those requirements.

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Groundbreaking ceremony by Danang Events

Save budget

A professional event company will make a successful event based on your budget. Besides, they always have a full service of accompanying equipment to provide equipment for your event at the best price. Meanwhile, if you organize the event yourself, it's easy to incur additional fees because you don't have much experience.

Save time

Professional event organization companies will specifically plan and be responsible for the implementation from A to Z for your event. As a result, you will easily monitor the event while still having enough time to complete other important tasks.

Event promotion

Usually, professional event companies always have close relationships with media agencies. Therefore, when hiring a professional event planning service, your event will be widely promoted to customers and the public.

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Opening ceremony

Minimize risk for the event

As mentioned above, the event organization companies have many years of experience with a team of highly qualified personnel. They will always have backup plans for different cases to promptly respond to risks and bring you the most successful event.

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Organize professional events with Danang Events

Danang Events with 13 years of experience, having successfully organized hundreds of large and small events every year is the ideal choice for you when you have an event need. Especially, in the context of the epidemic, Danang Events also provides a comprehensive online and hybrid event conference solution. This is the optimal solution for businesses in the 4.0 era. Businesses can completely organize online sales events, online openings, online fairs...

With all your needs, Danang Events is always ready to meet the criteria: Prestige - quality - reasonable price! Contact our Hotline -0913.186.829 / 098.9898.198, you will be supported wholeheartedly and thoughtfully!