Simultaneous interpretation booth rental in Vietnam

In the international seminar/conference, simultaneous interpretation equipment is one of the indispensable factors. The interpretation booth is the equipment that needs to be considered. The following article of DanangEvents will introduce you simultaneous interpretation booth rental in Vietnam. 

interpretation booth rental


Overview of interpretation booth

The interpretation booth is often made from an aluminum frame. There are beautiful and luxurious industrial Alu walls, 3 light, and durable glass surfaces. It often comes with a system of transceivers such as 2 mic, 2 headsets for interpreters.

Almost all multilingual events, conferences need the interpreting system such as forum events, seminars, international conferences, events with foreign speakers... Usually accompanying services with interpretation booth rental is the sound, projection services such as LED screen, TV, projector, projecting screen...

When using the renting equipment service, you need to pay attention to choose the venue that’s suitable for interpretation equipment setup because some venues will be difficult to detect the signal. Should choose the service that always has technical staff supporting at the event to handle promptly when something goes wrong.

interpretation booth rental

Process of interpretation equipment rental 

Carefully research the interpretation equipment provider

  • The interpreting equipment information is clear and detailed: specifications, condition, stuff...

  • Public, clear, reasonable price (sometimes the cheapest is not the best choice)

  • Images of real equipment are clear and diverse

  • Any extra services along with an interpretation booth

Negotiate an order

  • Negotiate costs: rental price, shipping cost, technical cost, arising costs.

  • Timing of construction, handover, and dismantling: the handover time is the time to complete the construction and installation, so the contract should be clearly unanimous to avoid delay of the event. And sometimes late dismantling is also troublesome as of late installation.

  • Negotiation about payment method: pay most attention at the time of deposit

  • Exchange of documents, VAT: VAT invoice would be better.

Sign contract, deposit

  • If you have completed all the above steps, sign the contract

  • Deposit: Do not wait until the event date to close. To avoid the risk will come and happen uncontrollably, make a deposit to confirm the order with the supplier.

interpretation booth rental

Interpretation booth rental with DanangEvents- The best choice for multilingual event 

DanangEvents is a professional company providing equipment for conferences and events across the country. With the purpose of putting the interests of customers first, we always try our best in all projects. All efforts are aimed at bringing success to the events. So you can be completely assured when working with us.

We commit to customers:

  • Provide high-quality interpretation booth with diverse models

  • Provide technical staff at the event.

  • Provide high- quality headphones 

  • Provide interpreting equipment with the best quality according to quotes and contracts

  • Provide interpreting equipment at reasonable, clear and no extra cost

  • Hand over and unload interpretation equipment on scheduled

  • Provide full financial invoices and related documents in accordance with the law

interpretation booth rental


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