Professional Event Organization Process

Danang Events is a leading event organizer nationwide. Customers can refer to our professional event organization process in this article.

1. Meeting customer


Professional Event Organization Process

Our staff will have a meeting with you to find out about the event: What is it’s purpose? Who is it involved? What is it about? What is it’s scale? Time, place? The budget for the event? ... We will offer reasonable advice and suggestions based on the needs of customers.

2. Building script


Professional Event Organization Process

This is the basic step of the process, a good and unique idea is the highlight for the event. Accordingly, the staff of event organizer will build a detailed script for the event.

3. Developing detailed implementation plan


Professional Event Organization Process

Planning is the most important step, demonstrating the professionalism of the organizers. The plan includes: communication plan for the event, equipment list and personnel assignment for the event, event design (stage, invitations, banners, poster...), estimated budget... Then, Danang Events will present the plan for customers to check.

4. Preparing for event


Professional Event Organization Process

This step includes detailed tasks such as: completing communication for the event, obtaining organizational license, sending letters to guests, preparing sound and lighting equipment, guest gifts.

5. Conducting event


Professional Event Organization Process
Before the event:

  • Check the script, MC's instructions, delegates' speech
  • Check audio, lighting, decoration, clothes...
  • Check VIP reception, VIP seat
  • Reception, preparation in press area
  • Repeat requisition for camera, filming and event staffs.
  • In the event: event staffs are always near the stage to control situations, follow closely the script.
  • At the end of the event, DanangEvents equipment staffs will move their belongings to their storage, clean up, repair used items and pay contracts to suppliers,…

6. Event summary


Professional Event Organization Process
Collecting photos, clips to send to customers and do the communication.

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