Process of Organizing a Professional Press Conference

A press conference is an important event when businesses want to convey brand and company messages and media orientation to the press. It is these important purposes that organizing a press conference today is one of the very important activities for businesses. Today, in DanangEvents post, we will together discover the process of organizing a professional press conference. 

Process of Organizing a Professional Press Conference


What is a press conference?

A press conference is an event that connects the media with the participation of journalists, reporters, businesses, state agencies or individuals, organizations, etc., together to consensus a unified notice/press release that will be spread outside. A press conference can also be a meeting to come up with a solution for an event/news… Besides, the press conference is also held to publish events or beneficial information, media promoting products to the customers.

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What is a press conference

Process of organizing a professional press conference

Determine the key message of the press conference

The goal of holding a press conference is to communicate the company's information to the press, so try to define the key message that you are trying to get out to the community. You have to ensure that the information presented during the event is the most relevant.

Schedule date and time

You will need to determine a date and time for the press conference and make sure it will not happen at the same time with other press events or media deadlines. One method to find this out is to check the local media and the wire services, who will know if your press conference conflicts with another.

Choose the venue

Convention centers, meeting rooms with full technical equipment are often the first choice of companies today. Because in a press conference, you must ensure the space, working conditions for reporters, cameramen, recording techniques ... to convey the right image and color of the brand. Besides technical factors, it must ensure light conditions, polite decoration, and unobtrusiveness. If you need help with the AV issues or venue rentals, contact DanangEvents for the best support.

Process of organizing a professional press conference

Send press release 

The press release is a communication document released from the media/marketing section of the company/ organization... it is the content that wants to convey/answer to clarify issues that society, interested customers.

The press release must have the name of the agency organizing the press conference, the person in charge... The press release should include information such as: Where does the press conference take place? When? What is the content for the press conference? Organized by any organization… Importantly, the press release should include the name and phone number of the person in charge in case reporters want to contact when needed. Important content should be put first and the press release is written neatly, concisely understandably, avoiding words that are easily misleading or confusing. Regular press releases will be sent one month in advance to the mouthpiece and press. And preferably, a hard copy and a soft copy are included. On the day of the press release, it should be printed and sent to reporters again before entering the meeting room.

Prepare the document

Along with the press release, if the press conference needs the accompanying documents, it must be carefully and scientifically prepared so that the journalist can follow the meeting's content, easy to search the information to the topic of the press conference. The document may include press conference planning, keynote speakers, photos, charts, pre-composed statements of the speakers.

Process of organizing a professional press conference

Invite the media

You need to email the press agencies from 1 week to 10 days before sending an official invitation. Invitations, often in the form of inviting media consultants, need to be formal, polite, and very concise: Topic, location, time, characters present, and participating in interview interviews during the press conference. 


A press conference is an important event for you to improve your company's image in the eyes of the press, so you need to be prepared in all stages. Rehearsals are a mandatory part of the event, and it’s the chance for you to discover, prevent any unfortunate situation that may occur during a press conference. For example, is the sound system working well, is the MC reading the content correctly, is the light too dazzling for the attendees and reporters, is everything satisfactory on screen?

Process of organizing a professional press conference

How DanangEvents help you organize a press conference?

Press conferences are often events that are quite sensitive. Therefore, if the business has not been able to complete all the preparations on its own, the organization should consider selecting and assigning an agency to complete the event with professionalism. Let’s see DanangEvents can help you with:

  • Set up formal, professional space for press conferences.

  • Directly invite reporters and media. With more than 10 years in the event industry, we have built long-term relationships with the media. 

  • Publish articles, PR posts on our websites, social networks, etc. 

  • Programs, scripts are planned completely according to the message the customer wants.

  • The press release will be sent to reporters before the event one day.

  • Prepare follow-up activities for customers after the press conference.

How DanangEvents help you organize a press conference

The bottom line

That’s the process of organizing a professional press conference. Hope you have an overview of organizing a press conference. If you want to hold a conference to reach the target customers with cost savings but optimal efficiency, don’t hesitate to contact us now via DanangEvents website, our hotline (+84)98 98 98 198. 

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