Planning Customer Conference

Customer conference is often organized by companies for the following purposes:

- Services and products introduction and development

- PR brand identity

- Thank you to customers and partners

- Attracting potential customers

It is same as other conferences, the Danang Events customer conference planning process includes the basic steps below:

1. Identifying the theme


There are various themes for customer conferences that you could apply to your customer conference. Customer conference can be forum for customers to exchange knowledge about your products. It could be occasion for show your appreciation to your customers. You could choose the theme for customers conference based purposes of the event. 

2. Planning

Planning is essential to any events. Following is steps to make plan for customer conference. 

- Outline

- Time, venues

- Estimated budget

- Making a guest list 

- Writing script for program

3. Preparing

Preparing is another step that is so important to any customer conference. So make sure you prepare well to have the best customer conference. 

customer conference

- Media

- Press release

- Invitation

- Meeting room, staffing, transport, tea break...

4. Running the conference

Based on the theme, planning and preparation of the conference you can start running the conference.


5. End program + information processing, evaluating results

It is not a simple task to successfully hold a customer conference. Let’s Danang Events helps you having a perfect ceremony. We are capable of organizing customer conferences on any scale. 

Danang Events provides customer conference services package including:

- Venues

- Ideas, scripts

- Staffing

- Conference equipment

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