​​​​​​​Important notes when installing outdoor LED screen in Vietnam

Nowadays, indoor and outdoor LED screens are increasingly popular not only in advertising but also in any event that also needs LED screens. The LED screen plays an important role as the center to convey the main message of the whole event. Through the following article of DanangEvents, let’s learn about important notes when installing an outdoor LED screen in Vietnam.

installing outdoor LED screen

Overview of outdoor LED screen

An Outdoor LED screen is a screen using a light-emitting diode surface-mount device (LED SMD) with high brightness and longevity. This is a product line with very high brightness and clarity. This type of curtain is covered with a strange layer to help reflect well for better definition even when the sun shines on directly. Because the design and use are outdoors without a roof, this product is designed to be water-resistant, extremely resistant to heat from arounded environment, or weather. 

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installing outdoor LED screen

Notes when installing

This is a fairly expensive product and is also the face of the business, so transporting should be a top priority. The means to transport the product must be safe enough not to damage the product.

Next, you should choose a team of skilled technicians to install. Because the ultimate goal of installing this outdoor LED screen is to introduce to customers your products, the human factor to create the brand is extremely important. You should choose technicians with good skills to execute to avoid the unfortunate errors and failures that can occur and especially do not spend too much time.

After the transportation and installation are complete, you should check the quality of the product from the screen, lighting system, heat sink, chip…. every aspect to ensure that your outdoor LED screen is ready to go into operation and use.

Some types of LED screens in Vietnam

  • Outdoor full P4 LED module: Size 320x160mm (80 × 40 pixels)

  • Outdoor P5 full LED module: Size 320x160mm (64 × 32 pixels)

  • Outdoor full P6 LED module: Size 192x192mm (32 × 32 pixels)

  • Outdoor P8 full LED module: Size 320x160mm (40 × 20 pixels)

  • Outdoor full P10 LED module: Size 320x160mm (32 × 16 pixels)

Depending on the installation location and screen size, customers choose the outdoor LED module accordingly. If the P4 LED module is 4mm, the P5 LED module has a pixel distance of 5mm... So with a small LED screen and a close viewing distance, the P4, P5 is the ideal choice for installation... Currently the P5, P10 LED module market is a reasonable choice for installation because these 2 types have a reasonable price and the image is equivalent to the LED module P4, P6, P8…

installing outdoor LED screen

DanangEvents- High-quality outdoor LED screens rental service

Outdoor LED screens are currently used by many businesses in the event organization... However, the installation of outdoor LED screens is not simple. Therefore, in addition to the above notes when installing. To quickly prepare the outdoor LED screen for your event, you should still find LED screen rental service suppliers to install. This not only saves the cost of new purchases and time to figure out for yourself but also ensures to avoid any unnecessary risks of malfunction after installation.

installing outdoor LED screen

Currently, DanangEvents is providing equipment for conferences and events. We also have a team of technical support technicians to follow all stages of implementation, ensuring your event goes smoothly. Contact us now via the website or the hotline 0913.311.911 / 0913.186.829 / for more advice.

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