​​​​​​​Ideas for organizing unique and impressive Mid-autumn Festival 

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the special occasions of the year with many interesting and meaningful activities for children. In this article of DanangEvents, let's explore ideas for organizing a unique and impressive Mid-autumn Festival.

 Mid-autumn Festival 

Mid-Autumn Festival - Beauty in Asian culture

Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival that usually takes place on August 15 of the lunar year every year in some Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore. It is also a national holiday in Taiwan, North Korea, and South Korea.

The Mid-autumn Festival, also known as other names like Children Festival, Moon Festival,... often occurs in the middle of autumn, the brightest full moon night of the year. This is one of the festivals with Asian culture and beauty with many hostile activities such as moonsighting, party, lantern parade, lion dance,... loved by children.

In Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also an opportunity for families to gather together, eat mooncakes, drink tea, and reunite. This is also a common occasion chosen by businesses to organize Mid-autumn events to connect and spread values ​​to the community. 

Mid-autumn Festival 

Ideas for Mid-Autumn Festival event for children

Mid-Autumn Festival events are often organized for children. In order to create a space for playing and cultural activities, the Mid-Autumn Festival events for children can be organized with many unique ideas. Here are a few suggestions for ideas for organizing a mid-autumn festival for kids.

Ideas for Full Moon Festival night

Referring to the Mid-autumn Festival, the first image is the full moonlight, Chu Cuoi, Chi Hang. Although these are just characters from fairy tales, they are very loved by children. And these are also the characters that often appear in full moon night shows.

With the idea of ​​organizing a moon festival event, you can organize it as a children's minishow with performances, storytelling, plays, bringing a fun space. In addition, you can also incorporate bonus game activities or lion dance to make the event more attractive. 

The idea of ​​organizing a lantern parade 

This is also an interesting idea when organizing mid-autumn events for kids. Carrying beautiful little lanterns walking across the street, creating a sparkling space under the full moon.

In addition, you can organize a contest to make lanterns so that the children have a chance to develop their imagination and creativity. From simple materials, there will be a lot of surprising and interesting ideas in the impressive lantern parade.

Mid-autumn Festival 

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ideas for kids

A festival is also an idea to organize mid-autumn events you can refer to. With the booths of folk games such as tug of war, pounding piggy bank, hopper, jumping sack,... create a fun space filled with laughter, attracting not only children but also adults can have childhood experience.

Don't forget to prepare small gifts as a reward for the winning team. Surely your event will leave an unforgettable impression on the attendees. 

Mid-autumn Festival 

The idea of ​​organizing a mid-autumn party

Another activity that cannot be ignored when it comes to the mid-autumn festival is “Phá Cỗ”. This is one of the oldest customs in the mid-autumn festival. Mid-Autumn Festival tray usually contains fruits and cakes, mixed cakes, or vegetarian cakes shaped like a mother pig with piglets, or carp.

The children can together display the tray and create pictures according to their liking. Wait until the moon reaches the top to “Phá Cỗ” together.

Mid-autumn Festival 

Sparkling lantern festival under the moon

Inspired by famous festivals around the world, the lantern festival brings an enchanting light space, attracting a large number of people to visit and enjoy special moments together.

In addition to traditional lanterns such as star-shaped lanterns, carp-shaped lanterns,... currently, there are many types of lanterns with impressive designs and novel materials, contributing to creating more highlights for the festival.

Mid-autumn Festival 

Organizing the Mid-Autumn Festival by DanangEvents

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the cultural features that need to be preserved and developed. By organizing events for children on this day, the business is also contributing to maintaining and protecting the culture and creating a useful and meaningful playground for the community. 

If you are planning for a Mid-autumn event for the children of your staff in your company or organization, contact DanangEvents now for the best advice and a reasonable quote.

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