​​​​​​​How to Design LED Lighting for Stage in Hall

Conferences or summits are usually held in large halls, accommodating about 20 people or more. Therefore, organizers not only need to prepare a large space, the best sound effect quality but also a good light system, ensure light condition, and high aesthetics. The more meticulously designed, the more magnificent it shows the importance and professionalism of the meeting. Danang Event would like to share with you the solution of the LED lighting for the stage in the hall.


Why we have to design LED lighting for stage in hall?

Not only the sound system but also meeting spaces also need to be provided with hall stage lighting. Therefore, providing hall stage lighting is necessary and important work:

- Meet the requirement of lighting in enclosed spaces of halls.

- Support for repertoire, speeches in meetings.

- Increasing vivid effects, eye-catching, attracting viewers, making seminars less boring.

- Supporting audio equipment, making the hall become more professional and successful.


Design of LED lighting for the podium stage

Firstly, the speaker's podium, which is the most important since in the conference all the attention will be focused here, the audiences will pay attention to every detail. If you know how to combine the light effects on the stage, it can create a sense of excitement for the audience and the comfort and confidence for the speaker. For the design, you can arrange LED ceiling lights of 9 to 11 wattage, a distance with each one of about 1.5m to 2m. Besides installing led rails to control the light system, you should choose a high-class led light with a high-quality aluminum alloy shell, shiny, stainless, and high aesthetics.


Design the LED lighting for the stands

In the hall, you should design the ceiling light, which will create a softer light, making participants feel comfortable, more focused. It is also not too dark for speakers standing on the podium to fully observe all gestures and behaviors of the audiences, in order to have motivation when presenting. You should install an LED of 7 wattages to 9 wattages. According to Danang Event’s experience, you should choose Cree LED lights, a reputable company in providing LED lighting on the world. The advantage of these lights is smart chipped, extremely durable (over 50,000 hours of lighting). Therefore, It can help the organizers to save electricity as well as reduce costs. In the central area, if the hall is large, accommodating more than 30 people, you can hang the LED decoration. It can make a strong impression on the person who just entered the auditorium, create a highlight, the importance of the conference meetings.


The lighting effect is always important especially for the hall, so you should always pay attention to every detail of your decoration, even the smallest details so that the meetings or conferences will run better, can bring pleasant, confident feeling for the speakers and the audiences.

Bottom line

You can contact us for advice on LED lighting solutions for the hall. With many years of experience in the field of LED lights, we will share experience, product selection, design of the hall.

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