Groundbreaking Ceremony

Groundbreaking Ceremony Organizing

Groundbreaking Ceremony Organizing

17/05/2021 Views: 554

Groundbreaking ceremony is an important religious ritual in the belief of East Asians. Organizing the groundbreaking ceremony is a way of praying with the gods for supporting, protection, and it also is a chance to publicly announce to everyone the start of construction.

Ritual Tool Kits Rental Service

Ritual Tool Kits Rental Service

18/05/2021 Views: 228

Ritual tool kits that are used in opening ceremonies, inaugurations and groundbreaking ceremonies are indispensable because they make the ritual formal and polite. Danang Events will help you! 

Process of making successful Groundbreaking Ceremony

Process of making successful Groundbreaking Ceremony

18/05/2021 Views: 274

Being an event management agency, understanding the rituals of the ceremony to carry out the correct order and give advices to customers is never useless knowledge. Among all the event types, one of popular types is groundbreaking ceremony.

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