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One of the essential equipment accessories for the meeting, the conference is the Flipchart. Let's learn about the Flipchart rental service in Vietnam through the following article by DanangEvents!

flipchart rental


What is a flipchart?

The flipchart is a type of clipboard used in seminars, meetings, presentations, training, or teaching. The table is designed in a very special model, ensuring aesthetics, many useful features. Users can use a marker to write directly on the whiteboard or write on disposable paper. Especially, flipchart board with compact design, very convenient for you to bring to meetings in the provinces or abroad.

flipchart rental

The reason for choosing DanangEvents' Flipchart board rental service

Flipchart makes the presentation at your conference event more convenient. However, it is too wasteful to buy this board for a one-time conference event. That is the main reason why you should consider using DanangEvents' table rental service. Come to DanangEvents, you can take many advantages:

  • The rates we offer are extremely competitive to ensure that it will fit your budget.

  • Quick rental procedure.

  • Attentive and dedicated service attitude.

  • Quality assurance of flipchart board.

  • Customers can check carefully before receiving it.

  • Ensure delivery on time and the correct type of customer request.

flipchart rental

Type of flipchart for rent from DanangEvents

  • Consists of 2 legs in the form of an extremely solid and sturdy round frame.

  • There is one side of the whiteboard and one side of the pin.

  • Ability to raise or lower any convenient heights for each meeting.

  • The ceramic panel surface is scratch-resistant and high gloss retention.

  • Can write directly on the board.

  • Dimensions: 1000 x 600 mm (H x W).

  • Hanging paper according to the clamp method. The top edge of the board has a clamp bar, which easily clamps paper without needing to punch the paper.

  • Suitable for hanging large samples, drawing boards, light and easy to transport

  • Suitable for all offices, very easy to use, full of paper clipboard features.

flipchart rental

The bottom line

In addition to Flipchart rental, DanangEvents also leases Gooseneck Microphones and a variety of quality conference and event equipment. Contact us now!

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