​​​​​​​Effective bicycle roadshow service in Da Nang with Danang Events

Easy and impressive brand communication is the reason why bike roadshows are so popular. Let's check out Danang Events to learn more about effective bicycle roadshow service in Da Nang through the following article!

effective bicycle roadshow service in Da Nang

About bicycle roadshow

This form of the promotional event will use a bicycle, run in groups around a certain area, for example around the city, around the lake,... On each vehicle with a flag, logo, banner, Hashtag, signboard,... or vehicle shape design corresponding to the brand and product image targeted by the business. When organizing a roadshow, it can be divided into many teams, each team of about 20 people managed by 1 leader for responding to incidents,...

5 advantages of the bike roadshow

Cost optimization

One of the things most businesses care about is organizational cost. So this is what should be mentioned first, not too surprising. This advantage of the bike roadshow is very clear that anyone can see because organizing the roadshow by bicycle can avoid gas money, difficult to be violated, and fined by traffic police. In addition, the cost of renting a bicycle is much cheaper than other means of transport. 

Make use of the roadshow to find areas of high demand

If your business launches a new product, it is not known where an area will have many customers. Use the roadshow for days, each day only a few specific areas, to see where residents will be attracted by the products.

Attract customers

The bicycle speed is quite slow, does not go too fast, making the new product's image leave a longer impression on customers. Not only that, in the middle of the city crowded with motorbikes and cars, if a group of bicycles passes, it will attract the eyes of many pedestrians, and create crowd effects.

Create good sympathy with customers

The bike roadshow will not cause dust and noise such as motorcycles or cars. Especially for places waiting for the red traffic light, bicycle roadshow, if there is a good leader with high discipline, will not make people uncomfortable.

It's easy to move

For the roadshow to be successful, it takes place where there are many people, but that also means facing the risk of traffic jams. Bicycles with a compact, flexible design will easily avoid congested roads.

advantages of the bike roadshow

Disadvantages of organizing bicycle roadshow

Low speed 

The speed of the bicycle makes it take us a lot of time to be able to go all 1 block. It takes more than 2 hours to complete 1 round of West lake, while motorbikes only need 30 minutes.

Affected by bad weather conditions

Besides rain or storms, but even the hot weather made organizing the roadshow very tiring and difficult. Cycling in the hot summer weather, spending 3 hours long, sweating, this makes the organizers themselves afraid, not just the cyclists.

Disadvantages of organizing bicycle roadshow

Notes when organizing a bicycle roadshow

Instead of going to too many places, try flipping back and forth in a few areas like remarketing, which will help people remember for a long time and not forget the image of your product.

When organizing a bicycle roadshow, be sure to apply for a permit. So please apply for a license before organizing, avoid cases where the organization causes violations, is fined, postponed the organization,...

Design the logo and banner that can convey the messages in the most effective way. 

You should cooperate with reputable event management companies to achieve the highest efficiency while still optimizing costs. Danang Events, with more than 10 years in the field of events and conferences, will be committed to bringing you a great experience of bicycle roadshow organization services. Not only providing roadshow organization services, but we also help you organize other events such as gala dinner, international conferences,... Pick up the phone and call hotline +84.913.311.911 / +84.913.186.829 / +84.98.98 .98.198 for us for a free consultation.

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