7 Things to Consider When Organizing Conferences

Organizing a conference is a great way for you to bring people together. And if you don't know how to network, running your own event can be a great opportunity to promote yourself. When considering organizing your conference, you should think through every significant milestone. Before you do anything, it’s important to consider each step, the resources, the budget you’ll need, and the estimated workload. Here are things to consider when organizing conferences that DanangEvents will bring to you today.

7 Things to Consider When Organizing Conferences

Deciding a theme

Some people will not pay much attention to this work, but it’s really important. It's the glue that sticks your conference together. You will not need to stress too much about it, it is not too complicated.

When selecting your theme, you have to answer your own question about who is your audience, what is your message, what do you want your participants to take from your conference. In general, what is in it for the attendees? Got the answers for those questions, deciding on a theme will become much easier

Once you know the answer to these questions, deciding on a theme becomes a lot easier and you will able to have a cohesive conference.

Deciding a theme

Set a venue and date

Choosing the right location will bring convenience to both you, your organizing teams, and your guests. Here are 3 things you should consider: 

- Is it easy to access? Is it close to public transport, bus station, or even the airport? Easy to find? 

- Is it affordable? How much will it cost your attendees for temporary accommodation, parking costs, food preparing costs?

- Offer other attractions outside of your event? What activities for your attendees do during breaks and/or after the day's events?

Even if your conference is just a one-day event, location is important cause it's about the entire experience. How was the food? What else could do outside the event? Were there any places to visit in the city? These are just a few things attendees will remember after visiting your event. If you want your guest to have a good time, you should make it more than just a conference.

Set a venue and date

About the date for organizing the conference, find out when other conferences in your industry are happening to avoid scheduling your conference too close to the other that may have the same topics.

Secure sponsors

You may want sponsorship for your event, but please note that this isn't about getting money for your event, and it's not just about renting advertising space out for other brands. When selecting sponsors, pay attention to the audience experience. Only accept the sponsor that suitable for your theme, do not bother your audience with tons of inappropriate advertisements. For example, you could not accept a dog food company to sponsor in your conference with a technology topic.

Decide on speakers

A speaker will be the person that imparts your conference message to your audiences. With your theme set and your venue booked, you need to start to recruit speakers then. One of the best ways to attract audiences is a big-name speaker, who is well-known and respected within the field. The speaker you choose should have an open call to connect when needed. DanangEvents provides hiring MCs, speakers service, you can contact for more.

Decide on speakers

Consider the ticketing system

Deciding your conference is free to attend or not is not an easy decision. If it’s free, you may have more attendees, if it’s a paid-to-join event, you can cover a part of your organizing costs. If you plan to hold a ticket system, you will need to decide the price, accepted payment methods... and a lot of things to consider.

Then, you will need the most optimizing selling ticket system. You can decide the ticket sales online or offline, or both, then start to print and publish your event tickets.

Promote your conference

When you had your theme, your venue, your speakers, your sponsors, and ticket system. Now, you need attendees. To do this, you have to have a wise marketing strategy. Here are some tips to help spread the invitation:

  • Start a newsletter, don't be 'spam' about it

  • Share the event (include the theme, venue and time, or ticket price if you plan on ticket sales) on social media

  • Ask your sponsors to share your event on social media

  • Have your speakers promote your event

  • Posts on your website (if available) or other websites or forums

Another essential note about marketing is to show attendees what to expect if they attend. With so many conferences in the industry from which to choose, why should they go to yours? Why should they spend time at your conference? What makes your conference different?

Promote your conference

Find an event management company

I would not recommend organizing a conference on your own, because you should appear in your conference as a host to network the audience instead of an organizer standing back and controlling all the conference. An event management company can be your helper. With their experience in event organizing as well as organizing conferences, your event will be operated efficiently. With more than 10 years-experienced in event planning, DanangEvent will be always ready to serve. 

DanangEvents- Event management company

The bottom line 

Those are 7 things to consider when organizing conferences that you should take note of. If you have any questions or are finding help for your coming conference, feel free to contact DanangEvents for the fastest suppling.

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