6 Types of Outdoor LED Screen and Its Installation

Nowadays, the outdoor LED Screen is not only a modern outdoor Advertising Media but also a trendy popular media to publish events and all types of information to the public. It has specific features of visibility, dynamic, and flexible for the various media sources and purposes. Outdoor LED Screen is always been fixed on the different types of architecture, but do you know how many types of installation or fixed type of it? In this post, I will summarize 6 main types of outdoor LED screen and its installation for your reference.


Important of the LED screen installation?

Depending on the different purposes, LED screens can be customized in size or operations. Whether indoor or outdoor, the installation of an LED screen is possible in one or the other way. Therefore, the LED screen’s knowledge about the installation type is essentially necessary.

Type of outdoor LED screen and its installation

Standing Pillar Outdoor LED Screen

Standing pillar style is the most popular style for outdoor advertising LED Screen. It consists of 3 main parts of the underground base constructor, the Steel Columns, and the LED screen fixed framework.

Standing Pillar Outdoor LED Screen

The standing pillar also can be divided into a single pillar, dual pillar, or multiple pillars depending on the size of the LED Screen. The pillar has to be strong to support the weight of the whole LED display screen. Thus, the side and thickness are also needed to be different depending on the size. 

Wall Mount LED Display Screen

Wall Mount LED Display is a little bit cost-effective than the stand pillar style. It is fitch the steel bone of the display to the building and covered with the aluminum composite panel on its perimeter for waterproof, or the customer can choose the waterproof cabinet.

Wall Mount LED Display Screen

Outdoor Inner or Outer Curved LED Display Board

These 2 types mainly are used because of the shape of the building, the inner curved LED display will be more audience focus. It’s often placed in the large hall of buildings for introduction or events. On the other hand, an outdoor outer curved LED display will make a better viewing experience for the audience outside the building. 


Outdoor Dual Side or Third-Side Screen

Outdoor dual side LED display means the opposite side is an LED display screen, it mainly used on the street, publish road or the high way.


On the contrary, outdoor tri-side LED display, tri-angle LED screen is usually been used in the cross of the road, it makes 4 directions visible.

Outdoor Long Strip LED Display

The length of outdoor long strip LED screen is much bigger than its height. This type of outdoor LED screen is usually fixed on top of the entrance, event stage, or high-way as traffic LED sign. It’s used to show moving animation, slogan, or notice message. 


Outdoor Round Column LED Display

The outdoor round LED display is almost the same as the curved LED display screen wall. It adapts the right angle LED Display module to assemble the required curve.


It also can be divided into several display windows to broadcast multi-media ads-source to the audience at 360°.


It may be good to know the ways are possible to install outdoor LED screens but that seems to be not enough. Although LED screens may be a traditional one or an unconventional product, great technology may come out to be worthless when the absence of great support. That support can come from competent manufacturers and experienced AV suppliers. Outdoor LED screen consumers have been trusting Danang Events for several years, and the trust is strengthening through many projects with the technical support of the Danang Event team.   

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