6 technology trends in organizing events during COVID-19

Events in the time of a complex pandemic are extremely difficult. The limiting crowd and social distancing are great obstacles for organizing events. Therefore, organizing online events is becoming the best solution for many events or meetings and seminars. Let’s check it out with DanangEvents about 6 technology trends in organizing events during COVID-19 through the following article!

technology trends in organizing events


Face recognition- shorten registration time

New face recognition technology helps to record facial features of each participant, using images uploaded during registration. This new technology will help personalize user information such as printing name-tags or sending emails or invitations as well as dining tickets at events.

Face recognition can bring about convenient registration and provide contactless entry for the event. The fact that this technology allows untouched registration means that it can grow more and more over the coming years.

technology trends in organizing events

Event fingerprints on RFID and Beacon technology

RFID and Beacon technologies are used to help event organizers collect user information. Especially personalize the experience in the event for attendees. Using this technology, attendees can read the agenda event and the organizer will announce the agenda time for guests to come and attend. This will save a lot of time and bring convenience for both.

technology trends in organizing events

Using AI in event organization

Recently, AI has been a term that is no longer strange to everyone. Many websites use AI to collect and fill data to their tools. Event planners have begun to use AI to help find target attendees, speakers, influencers, topics, and suggest optimal times and locations. This intelligent technology will help the event by enabling chatbots that can be used for pre-event communications and services to answer common questions that customers may want to ask. This technology also helps automatically sell tickets and track potential customers.

technology trends in organizing events

3D event map- advanced design

Seat arrangement as well as the lighting system and the rooms are extremely important to be designed carefully. Whether or not an event can be a success depends on this composition element. With the 3D event design software, event organizers can easily create an accurate 3D map that can be customized according to program design or scale. This helps event organizers to specifically know the positions needed to recompose to suit their event. Help save maximum repair time and rearrange layout for the event.

technology trends in organizing events

Venue Sourcing Platform 

Currently, most event organizers tend to use event venue provisioning platforms. These platforms will connect directly to the websites most relevant to each event topic. The organizers can also submit his proposals to invite bids and track the event management process through these platforms.

This technology brings a lot of benefits to event organizers such as easy access at any time, having an overview of the event model, capacity, and services provided. Once the desired venue is selected, the organizer can submit a request and immediately receive a quote to start the event.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies are becoming more popular and helping to improve the attendee's experience. Along with many utility applications, applying wearable technology to events is a new trend that many organizers aim at. Just one action, you can completely exchange information during networking sessions to focus more on the conversation and create more interaction with people.

technology trends in organizing events


To estimate the budget for organizing your event, you should also be mindful of finding rental equipment service for your event in this epidemic time. Modern technology is the priority of DanangEvents to bring to the customers. If you are still wondering about choosing a supplier, do not hesitate to contact DanangEvents at hotline: 0913.311.911 / 0913.186.829 / for more details.  

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