6 outstanding features of presidential teleprompter rentals at DanangEvents

A presidential teleprompter is often used for delivering your speeches, focusing on your notes or reminders, and still maintaining eye contact with your audiences or viewers. It often appeared at well-known speeches like Presidents Obama, President Trump,... or many influencers or politicians. A presidential teleprompter is no longer a strange thing to us today. Let’s discover 6 outstanding features of presidential teleprompter rentals at DanangEvents.

 presidential teleprompter rentals


The applications of the presidential teleprompter

With the help of teleprompter software displaying texts from a laptop or monitor onto the transparent beamsplitter mirror, it will be easy for presenters to deliver their speeches. Moreover, a presidential teleprompter is also used for recording through the glass when making videos, or live stream. Simply mount a tripod with a camera behind it, attach the included black shroud, and your presidential teleprompter will become a professional recording studio. 

 presidential teleprompter rentals

6 outstanding features of presidential teleprompter rental in DanangEvents

Lightweight collapsible carbon fiber poles

Carbon fiber poles are available for our standard presidential teleprompter, both single setup or pairs. With the carbon fiber poles, it not only makes your whole teleprompter lighter but also makes it more portable as the poles can be adjusted to fit at any venues. It will be the most convenient for holding conferences or speeches where you need to set up your presidential teleprompters or move them from location to the others. DanangEvents also offers the sturdier metal poles for outdoor events with heavy wind.

Automatically adjustable poles

Another outstanding feature is the motorized poles. The automatically adjustable poles can raise or lower during speeches via the motor instead of manually adjusting your pole height. This will allow you to run the speeches smoothly without having to pause to adjust your pole height for different speakers with different heights. You will have multiple speakers of varying heights, so this feature will be most helpful for your events.

 presidential teleprompter rentals

Variably adjustable height/angle glass 

Every speaker speaking at the podium will not have the same height. Thus, they can not read best at just a fixed angle of the screen. This is why DanangEvents’ teleprompters have the most adjustable glass for any stage. Easily adjustable angles will ensure that the speakers can have great eye contact with the audience while being able to see and read the text conveniently.

 presidential teleprompter rentals

Adjustable monitor stand

DanangEvents presidential teleprompters are ultra adjustable with the easy, tool-less set-up. Monitors or iPad screens from 15’ to 24’ are available for optimized viewing. The monitor is self-reversing for the easiest set-up and uses with the help of any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote.

iPad or 24-inch monitors

DanangEvents’ teleprompters allow for complete flexibility. From the inexpensive and easy to use like iPad screen, to the largest, readable 24-inch monitors. Please note that the iPad will have small text, while the 24 inches monitor can allow for a lower, hidden monitor.

 presidential teleprompter rentals

Dual monitors 

The best speech is one in which the speaker can have natural eye contact with the audience. That is difficult to achieve it when their head stays in a fixed direction. That’s why many speakers want to have more than one teleprompter placed in front of them at different angles. It allows them to turn their head around the room but still stay focused on their reminders.

 presidential teleprompter rentals


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