6 Funny Games For Children In Mid-Autumn Festival

It is time for upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival; therefore, Cuoi and Hang Nga decided to go down to play with the children.

However, Cuoi is so absorbed in game, so he cannot remember where he left the ladder to the moon in the end. Moon is about to dive, then let’s join Danang Events on the journey to help Cuoi and Hang Nga back to the moon. Here are 6 Funny Games For Children In Mid-Autumn Festival  for you to organize the best party for children. 

1. Who faster?

Each turn is for 3 teams playing against each other. Each team has 9 players. The team lined up and hold a ball between the front and behind person. Then, the whole team must pass through the obstacle course.

2. Find the cake material


6 Funny Games For Children In Mid-Autumn Festival

On the way to play with children, Cuoi has gone through a bakery, so let’s try to be a baker.

This game helps to train the memory, observation, imagination of children. Each team has a board, the members quickly substitute each other to name on the board the ingredients that make up mooncake. The team that writes more ingredients will be the winner.

3. Carry balloons


6 Funny Games For Children In Mid-Autumn Festival

On the way, Cuoi has dropped by his house, let’s go with Cuoi to the well to carry balloons!

Each team is provided with a set of baskets for carrying balloons. Each member alternately bear balloons to Cuoi. Any team that has more balloons than, that team wins.

4. Catch fish

When walking through the village, Cuoi was down to pond to catch fish. Little children please join in catching fish with Cuoi!

Each member of the team holds a plastic basket, and be blindfolded. For a minute, the team that have more balls will win. The audience can guide the children to find the balls.

5. Making star lantern contest


6 Funny Games For Children In Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival cannot lack the big and bright star lanterns, so children make this lanterns themself to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. They will be provided with tools such as crayons, colored paper, scissors, bamboo, lanyards and glue. Each team in 15 minutes will make a really big star lantern to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. After 10 minutes, the team that has the most beautiful star lantern will win.

They have the support of father, mother, Cuoi and Hang Nga, let’s make star lantern with Danangevents!

6. Cuoi need



Children meet the requirements of Cuoi. When Cuoi says something is needed, the team must quickly find it and bring it back to Cuoi. After each time, teams need change the first player. The team that brings a lot of things back will be the winning team.

After six extremely intense games, Danang Events invited the children to eat traditional Mid-Autumn specialities with Cuoi and Hang Nga. Thank you very much!

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