5 Tips for Creating the Wonderful LED Wall Graphics

LED wall screen is one of the most significant details for the whole event in general and the event stage in particular. A successful LED wall bases on not only the design but also the video content or its graphics. Graphics on LED wall screen will be different from other media outlets like print or TV. Let’s check out 5 tips for creating LED wall graphics.



Get the right aspect ratio

When preparing graphics for LED wall screen, the most vital part of the graphic resolution is the aspect ratio. If your video wall is 960×540 16:9, for instance, then you can display video at 960x540p, 1280×720, 1920×1080, and so-on. Nevertheless, note that scaling up the file graphic resolution to be higher than the actual LED will not bring higher image quality.

Pay attention to the resolution, pixel density, and viewing distance for the LED screen

The pixel density of your LED screen (measured by pixel) and viewing distance will determine how large and bold you need to put in your graphics. Briefly, the lower the screen resolution and farther the viewing distance you have, the bigger your graphics need. With high-resolution indoor LED video walls, you can get away with displaying smaller graphics.


Use contrast color

To avoid the images and text getting washed out, you want to utilize contrasting colors and brightness between the foreground and background to bring the audiences the best visual experience. 

Keep it short and attractive

People don’t like to have to look closer and read a lot of details when it comes to viewing a stage backdrop. This will be especially true with LED screen graphics. You should use minimal, big, and bold text with a concise message and attract pattern for your video wall content. 


Use motion graphics

With no doubt, motion graphics will absolutely grab audiences’ attention more than static ones, so you should take advantage of this whenever possible.

The bottom line

Keep these 5 factors in mind when designing graphic content for your LED wall– ratio, resolution, motion, simplicity, and contrast– and you can ensure a maximum impact on your audience with optimized LED display content on stage. Learn more about getting the best benefits from your LED screen on our rental page Danang Event, where you can find any equipment solutions for your event. 

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