5 Things to Consider When Organizing an Event in Vietnam during COVID-19

24th July, the Ministry of Health officially records the first case of community infection in Danang after 99 days without any cases. Now, the heat of the epidemic is showing no sign of decline. With 6 cases of death till 3rd August, although the measures given to the unaffected localities are limiting activities and there is no social distancing, the events which are going to be held or have been happened 2 weeks ago need to carefully consider to these things that DanangEvents is going to list here. Let’s come to 5 things to consider when organizing an event in Vietnam during COVID-19.

5 Things to Consider When Organizing an Event in Vietnam during COVID-19


How COVID-19 affects the event industry?

Events are one of the major industries that are affected the most by the reason for limiting crowds to avoid the virus spreading. Since the announcement of the outbreak was published, many traditional events have been canceled. Not only that, big events such as the Global Mobile Expo 2020, Formula 1, or major tournaments in Vietnam are also canceled or delayed. Many event companies are currently taking measures to address and take advantage of the 'break time' to strengthen the company. After previously controlling the epidemic, there are signs of increasing event organizing. However, the recent outbreak return has made the situation more complex. Needless to say, DanangEvents also cannot avoid such negative effects.

How COVID-19 affects the event industry in Vietnam

5 things to consider when organizing an event in Vietnam during COVID-19

Update news regularly

All information and medical instructions on the COVID epidemic are regularly updated from health authorities and local authorities. This action is to raise awareness of health for the global community in general and Vietnam in particular.

An event is a crowded place, so the possibility of spreading the virus is absolutely high. It can be said that it is a difficult situation that event organizers have to face up with. So the first thing that event organizers need to pay attention to is regularly updating the latest news about the epidemic. It is always easy to update news anytime or anywhere, so check the news regularly to ensure timely updates and ensure the safety of you, your associates, and guests attending the event are important. In addition to recommendations from public health organizations and local authorities, don’t be overthought by the fake news on the internet, or if you know the source of the fake news, announce them to the authority. There are two sources of information you can consult: 

World Health Organization (WHO)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Update news regularly

Take prevention measures

In addition to tracking information from reliable sources, you also need to follow instructions from WHO to ensure the safety of your health, associates, and event participants to get a successful event.

Always remember to check the temperature of colleagues, guests, and other participants at the event. Wear a facemask and disinfect or use dry hand sanitizer. It is best to prepare a large-sized hand sanitizer for all participants to use it easily.

Take prevention measures

Review the entire event program

Check and identify factors to minimize the risk of infection. For example, if you are organizing an outreach event, it is important to encourage ignoring or restricting handshakes and close communication. In serious cases, consider the possibility of canceling or postponing your event if it's not really important. 

Keep in touch, reassuring with attendees

First of all, let your attendees know that your event is still ongoing and outline the disease prevention measures at the event. This will help all guests feel safe when participating. The event that you organize also makes a good impression on guests and partners.

Be aware that guest precautions may include discouraging handshakes during the event, staying home if you feel bad health, and wash your hands often, continuously for 20 seconds. You should also encourage participants to wash their hands with a disinfectant solution as much as possible.

Next, keeping in touch with guests is very important, because, in the event that the worst-case happens to someone who unfortunately got viruses, you can help the health authorities control the people who attended the event to have appropriate localizing prevention measures.

Keep in touch, reassuring with attendees

Stay calm in any situation

Keep calm, you will find a good solution to the situation for your event to run smoothly. At the present time, when there is no clear information, and especially the epidemic is still complicated, you should not panic for stopping or canceling your events. Calmly monitor the information to have the best handling measures to ensure that the event goes smoothly and bring safety to the participants and your staff.

Stay calm in any situation


At this time, it will better for you to have an experienced partner to accompany to give the appropriate plan in difficult cases. If you are unsure about choosing a quality and prestigious event organizer, you may consider cooperating with DanangEvents. With over 10 years of experience in the field of event management, we guarantee to help you organize safely, suitable for the budget, and plan the most perfect solution for every event.

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