5 incidents you should know about your event attendees

Every events have problems. One of them is attendees of the event. So if you encounter one of following situations, what are you going to do to deal with it?

You can say that attendees is an important factor determining the success of event managment. However, the appearance of attendees may also be one of the risky factors if you do not manage well. Below are 5 incidents you should know about your event attendees to deal with such problems

There is a few attendess at the event


If your event is a social event, guests come from many places , then the solution is provide free access to all of the customers. Besides, you could reduce the organizing space ( using the barrier around the area) to make the guests feel more crowded.

If it is a conference or seminar  where the number of guests is too small , immediately take the action to contact with the customers to remind them.

Guests are over crowded than expected


In contrast to the above problem, the overcrowded guests are also a problem that needs to be solved. The first thing to do is retricted the number of guests who come to the events. If there are many activities in the event, inform the attendees to divide up the number of people for activities, avoid accumulating in the main area.

With food and drinks (if any), a coordinator is required to avoid food shortages for the later part of the party. 

For conference events, exeed guests are also easier to handle. 

You just need to ask for more tables and chairs and food for the amount that exceeds than expected, because the number of guests is within your control by sending an invitation or notification.

There are too many attendees complaining about the events


If you get too many complaints about the service, you should review it, because if only one person says it is okay, but if there are three people who reflect bad service, it must be a problem.

It maybe that the restaurant serves poorly, or the service is too bad. According to the experience of the organization, you should see that you ordered the service so contact with the restaurant or supplier side to solve this problem to ask them to provide better service.

There are collisions, violence among attendees


In community events, with a large number of guests, you need to equip the security team to avoid the messy situations that occur. 

For conflicts or violent incidents that are too big to control, it is best to call the police to suppress it,  provide additional protection forces to support them.

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