4 LED Wall Ideas for Event Stage

The stage is one of the most important parts of an event. With the help of LED technology, the event stage production has big innovation over the past decade, and event organizers are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to present their stage with new light effects- LED wall backdrop. Let’s move on 4 LED wall ideas for stage. 


Why LED wall is better than projector and screen?

Better brightness display

Compared to projectors that display images by bouncing back light rays,  LED modules to display images from the light source. This leads to the problem that projectors are prone to losing brightness when light travels from the projector to the projection screen and from the screen to the viewers’ eyes. With LED displays, as the image is displayed directly to the viewers’ sight, just like from a television. Therefore, the LED wall has become a popular choice even for bright outdoor venues.


More flexible display

The reason why an LED wall is the best choice for and events is that it can fit in any scale because its structure is modular, it means that you can connect them in any size and shape you want.

Easier setup

Setting up an LED wall for the stage is much easier and faster than projectors. It doesn’t require a projection screen, and will not make you confused when choosing where to place the projector. You can also stack up small LED panels to achieve the desired size and shape as you want. You even don’t need to know how to set up it, give this job to Professional Equipment Suppliers, who have experience of providing the LED solution. 

4 LED wall ideas for event stage

Stage backdrop

Making an LED wall to a backdrop is a good idea. No need for elaborate props and art pieces for your stage design, with LED walls you can turn your stage into an incredible centerpiece of your event. Just need to prepare good graphics or video and you can achieve the success of your event with an LED wall as your backdrop stage. 


Live stream screen

If you are making an event with a big scale, a large stage, hundred of participants, an LED video wall will be the best, and perhaps your only choice when it comes to live stream display. LED brings about the perfect brightness and display resolution both for indoor and outdoor venues. Thus, an LED wall is the best for live streaming in any kind of event, not just in the only big events.


Social media wall

Social media feeds are increasingly becoming an important part of making an event more engaging and interactive for audiences and viewers. LED Wall can be set up to display real-time feeds from Twitter or Facebook so that your audiences can share their thoughts about your event. This idea can make your event more fascinating. 


Video display screen

Whenever you need a display screen for any type of visuals and video, LED panels will be a good choice. Here you can stream videos of your sponsors, interviews, and any type of video content. 

To sum up

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