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Translation Equipment for Rent

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The world is more and more developing, which has led to trade, cooperation and cross-cultural exchange become common and essential. Therefore, international conferences with participants from many countries are organized increasingly. However, the language barrier is not a small matter, because it will reduce the effect and success of the event.

Along with the development, translator, interpreter or translation equipment rental services are also growing. DanangEvents is one of the prestige and high quality suppliers of translation equipment for rent in Da Nang with years of experience. We provide a wide range of translation equipment for rent such as:

Cabin for interpreters


Today, using of the translation cabin is very popular, especially for major international events. This is an indispensable device to ensure that the information is clear. DanangEvents offers high quality cabins, which have good noise-isolation, spacious and convinient for interpreters.

Modern translation headset
To buy the translation headset is not easy, especially how to choose not only the best quality, but also the good price. Consequently, customers usually choose the option of renting a translation headset, but not all suppliers have modern and secure types. DanangEvents, as one of the top translation equipment retal in Danang, has invested in wireless headsets, which have been ordered from well-known brands such as Sony, Phillip, Bose, Beats, etc, to make sure that customers having the best services.

Wireless microphones
With the advantage of convenience, easy installation and good audio transmission, wireless microphones are suitable for all different conditions. We offer a wide variety of wireless microphones that will meet every needs of customers.

With the modern translation equipment system along with enthusiastic, thoughtful staffs, DanangEvents will bring to our customers the most perfect translation equipment for rent services.


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