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Groundbreaking Ceremony

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Groundbreaking ceremony is an important religious ritual in the belief of East Asians. Organizing the groundbreaking ceremony is a way of praying with the gods for supporting, protection, and it also is a chance to publicly announce to everyone the start of construction. This is an opportunity for the investors to show their strengths, starting for the bright future, for the success, prosperity will come to the upcoming project. Therefore, the Ground-breaking ceremony is increasingly focused on, raise scale, and requires high professionalism.

Depending on the customs of each region, the Ground-breaking ceremony is held in different ways. However, you cannot ignore the general rules when holding a groundbreaking ceremony such as making a list of invited guests; designing invitations; making banner, backdrop, stage; specialized equipment, human resource... If you have never held an event before, will you have enough time to prepare for the ceremony to go smoothly and give good impression to the guests?

Understanding the psychology of customers, we - Danangevents (a member of the Hoabinh Group) has been accompanied with many Ground-breaking ceremony of companies, factories in Danang in particular and the whole country in general for many years. With enthusiastic, experienced, responsible and creative staffs, and the most advanced equipment and facilities, Dannangevents promises to bring to customers a solemn, beautiful, impressive Ground-breaking ceremony, with a reasonable cost.



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