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Sound and Lighting Rental

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For an event, sound and light elements play an especially important role in making success, creating an impression and impress the participants.

The society is increasingly developing and modern, which is followed by an increase in many cultural and economic exchanges, not only within the country but also in global. Consequently, in the general trend, hosting events for pure entertainment or business purpose is becoming more and more popular. As in the past, people often held simple events, but today events are held in a specialized and remarkable way, leaving a lot of impressions. An event cannot be successful without sound and light equipments. However, these are difficult to buy and in high cost. Therefore, many people often choose the option of renting these devices at reputable suppliers. DanangEvents, is one of the high quality sound and lighting rental units in Da Nang, we will meet all your event needs here and in the neighboring provinces also.

With many years of experience in the field of event management, especially for sound and lighting rental, DanangEvents owns a large number of professional and modern event equipment system, which suitable with high technology. In addition, we have a team of enthusiastic consultants, skilled technical staffs to assist clients in every situation.

We always think that "quality makes reputation". Because of that, every successful event that DanangEvents bring to you, also are our pride and success. Come to rental sound and light service of DanangEvents, you will access to state-of-the-art, modern and best quality equipment system. Through this, we will bring to you special and artistic performances, and leave unforgettable impression in the heart of each participant.


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