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Karaoke Bars for Group Parties

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DanangEvents specializes in providing AV equipment indoor and outdoor in Danang for the needs of singing karaoke, performing arts, music competitions...

In order to have comfortable moments with family, friends and relatives after hours of hard work, we have many entertainment options such as eating, going out, watching movies and singing. Karaoke is also an extremely interesting choice. In the following, DanangEvents will introduce to you a durable karaoke bars that suitable for group parties as family party:

Professional karaoke bars for companies, organizations including:

+ Full Master JK46A

+ Sub JK12WA

+ Mixer Soundcraft MFX 12

+ Karaoke box VietKTV

+ Wireless micro UGX 9

+ Tivi LCD 55'

​Karaoke bar above can serve 50 - 150 indour guests or mid-size outdoor space.

Devides in karaoke bars for group parties:

Karaoke bar in closed spaces usually do not require strong sound level as stage sound equipment. The karaoke bar includes:

- Jarguar SS655 speaker: high capacity, high sensitivity model.

- BCE acoustic UGX12 wireless microphone: noise reduction and catching sound well

- Polk audio sub speaker: deep and solid bass

- Subwoofer bass 25, compression circuit technology: limit vibration shake, help to create standard sound, does not shake

- Play One karaoke model: quad-core processor, quad-core chip, song selection by voice.

- Amplifier Jarguar Pro-1203KM: easy to pull bass pairs, clear clarity between high, middle and low tones.

- Echo mixer and Jarguar PRO-1203KM microphone create music space as on stage

For more detailed information on karaoke bars rental service for group parties, please contact hotline 0913.186.829 - 0903.248.618.


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